23 Tricks for Bagging Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

cheap hotels in las vegas

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Finding an ideal hotel room in the United States can be exhausting. By looking at the previous trends, a Las Vegas 5-star hotel costs around $190. But, it doesn’t mean one can’t find deals to save money on hotel rooms. Here are the top 23 tricks for obtaining cheap hotels in Las Vegas in 2022.

Read on to find how a globetrotter saves huge sums of money by following these tricks.

Tricks Experts Use to Grab Cheap Hotels in Las Vegas

Las Vegas (Nevada) is a city known for its stunning beaches, climate, shopping, and nightlife. Due to this, people buy cheap flights to Las Vegas to explore the city’s top attractions within their budget.

Here are the top tricks to get and book cheap hotels in Las Vegas:

1. Look for discounts or coupon codes

Hotels don’t provide coupons but you can find many third parties offering huge discounts. Among them is Cruxair, which not only provides the best Vegas hotel deals but also gives an extra 30% OFF on flights, hotels, and rental cars. So, you can connect with them to buy an inclusive Las Vegas trip with airfare- and that will be cheap!

2. Ask for a Price Comparison

Price matches aren’t for regular travelers. Any US traveler can also ask the hotel staff to compare their price with competitors in the market. By doing so, a tourist can even grab cheap Las Vegas hotels on the strip. As a fact, many visitors are unaware of this feature. But, many 5-star yet cheap hotels in Las Vegas showcase their price list and match with others.

3. Look for Homestays or Rooms for Rent

According to travel experts, homestays or rented rooms can be the best leverage for you. Such places allow visitors to stay at low prices and explore the local area. You can bargain costs with the homeowner and, you might even grab a cheaper price. Why? Because of Fear of Missing Out, they get ready to rent the accommodation at your offered price.

4. Avoid staying on Weekends

Weekends are the busiest day of the week, especially in a tourist destination like Las Vegas. So, to book cheap hotels in Las Vegas, it’s better to avoid airline tickets on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. And hotel reservations should be made on weekdays.  Plus, as a bonus, you can explore the city when it’s less crowded and can view splendid views.

If you’re traveling from Chicago, you could save up to $40 on your one-way trip to Las Vegas.

5. Stay at hotels that don’t charge Resort Fees

It’s pretty simple! But,  not paying resort fees can be a financial victory against the large casino resorts in Sin City. Unfortunately, some “iconic” hotels on the Strip do ask to pay resort fees. But it’s possible to find the ones that don’t ask travelers to pay such fees. Wyndham Desert Blue, Las Vegas Marriott, and Desert Rose Resort are among the ones that don’t ask for this fee.

6. Look at the Hotel’s Amenities

Sounds normal, right? But you could find many inclusive facilities in the hotel’s details that could save you plenty of money. As a tourist, certain facilities are a must and you must find a hotel that doesn’t charge irrelevant fees. Take time to consider fees like internet handling, daily parking, or housekeeping.

When searching for cheap hotels in Las Vegas, look for the basic amenities. These amenities can include Free Wi-Fi, housekeeping, free meals, local guides, and transfers. By doing so, a family of four can save more than $40 a day.

7. Explore deals from Roomer Travel

Roomer Travel is an online platform that allows travelers to book someone else rooms. Many a time, people cancel their pre-paid hotel reservations. And, this extra cost drains their wallets as they pay for an unused room. And on the flip side, there are certain people who make a spontaneous vacation. They often look for last-minute cheap deals.

On this website, US travelers flying to Nevada can find the best and cheap Las Vegas hotel deals!

8. Opt for Memberships and Save More

There are various memberships available in Las Vegas that cover hospitality. One of them is MGM Rewards which is a loyalty program for MGM resorts. It includes hotels like Park MGM, Bellagio, MGM Grand, Excalibur, Mandalay Bay, etc.

You will need to fill out a form to become an MGM Rewards Sapphire member. This membership will allow you to earn points and huge room discounts.

Caesars Rewards, Identity, and Boyd Rewards are some other memberships in Las Vegas.

9. Book hotels in advance

Bagging cheap hotels in Las Vegas can be quite simple if you book the hotels in advance. Reservations 6 months before your traveling date allow you to get discounted deals. Also, you get many hotel options which are quite difficult to find on the last dates.

Booking in advance saves up to 30% and gives you extraordinary discounts.

10. Save with Discount Gift Cards

Gift cards are not limited to style and beauty, grocery, movies, restaurants, or games. You can redeem them for your hotel reservations and since there are no fees or end date you can use them at any time.

You can get discount gift cards at Amazon or BedandBreakfast. Using such cards, you can save up to 16% while paying for the reservations.

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11. Use your Flight Mileage

Many airlines provide a free hotel stay when booking air tickets with them. Though many travelers remain unaware of such privilege. But, that’s not something always available. Sometimes, airlines provide redeemable points to use on the hotel’s reservation. So, never miss checking out your itinerary to know what offers or special discounts you hold!

12. Check-in at late times

When looking for cheap hotels in Las Vegas, try finding the one which allows you to check in at late times. Many hotels in Las Vegas, Nevada get cheaper during the night and this could help you in saving up to 30 percent.

But, make sure to inform the hotel’s manager or receptionist before arriving at the hotel.

13. Avoid FTFs (Foreign Transaction Fees)

Many hotels charge Foreign Transaction fees on credit cards. But, if you’re traveling from the US only, you need to go through with your credit card information. Though the majority of the US cards don’t levy any amount if you travel within the United States.

But, check with your credit card company and know all about transaction fees. If your card charges FTFs, then find the one with no or lowest fees.

14. Try making reservations at the same hotel

If you have stayed at a hotel before, try to make a hotel reservation at a specific hotel only. Surely, their managers will be happy to deliver the lowest price possible. Why? They want you to visit again, they can even book a deluxe suite with ample facilities for you at fairly cheap rates.

15. Get a Hotel’s Loyalty Card

Hotels want loyal customers. So, one of the best tricks to get cheap hotels in Las Vegas is to get a hotel’s loyalty card. You can ask for loyalty cards at the hotel groups that have their presence across the country. You can grab them at the hotel’s desk or on their website. Even third-party booking sites provide loyalty cards for specific hotel chains.

Some loyalty cards charge fewer prices and some even allow free night stays – that depends on hotel policy.

16. Business Hotels- A Great Choice!

Another clever way to score cheap hotels in Las Vegas is to look for business hotels instead of resorts. Of course, business hotels are less flashy than a resort, but, such hotels can be a great way to save huge amounts.

Besides, if you get one during the off-peak season, the prices could be a lot cheaper than their market value.

17. Look for Shared Deals

Many hotels and airlines have points-based collaborations. The points keep on adding as you travel extra on specific miles. If you could find one, you can explore options of cheap hotels in Las Vegas with ease. Marriott Bonvoy is a very popular loyalty program. It allows its frequent travelers to earn unlimited points transfers using Uber.  They can further use these points to get discounts across Marriott’s global brands.

18. Get a Hotel Credit Card

Getting a hotel credit card seems to be expensive because of the interest rates attached to it. But if you could pay it off each month, you could grab some more rewards in cash. Once you gained a mid-tier loyalty status, you could enjoy more perks and can actually get a free stay at the hotel.

19. Check out the Deals Available on your Credit Card

Often cardholders get lucrative discounts on hotel reservations. If you have a credit card, you can avail a huge discount of up to 40% on your stay. Along with that, you get excellent rewards on your flights, hotels, and rental cars. 

Additionally, you can earn huge loyalty points and you can use them on your next trip. So, before you place your reservation, make sure you go through the bank’s website to know the offers on your card. Using such deals, you can find more options and broader your list of cheap hotels in Las Vegas.

20. Pick a separate place

There are many great and best Vegas hotel deals available in places far from vacation hotspots. If you can grab such a crazy deal, you won’t only get a chance of exploring the unknown spots but you can save extra amounts as well.

You can find great offers at such places and save more than $40 by staying on the outskirts or far from Las Vegas Center.

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21. Install Hotel Apps

Hotel apps are amazing because they provide great prices at top-rated hotels. If you got late in making your reservation or want to grab last-minute deals, hotel apps like HotelTonight, Booking.com, HotelQuickly, etc. are the best way to find cheap hotels in Las Vegas and reap all the benefits.

Download these apps on your iPhone or Android smartphone to get cut-rate prices on your hotel room. These apps are expected to offer 70 percent off on hotels reserved at the last minute with a free or Budget-friendly first meal of the day.

22. Get All Inclusive Itinerary from a Single Place

You can find many reputed travel agencies that provide an all-in-one package with affordable flight tickets, low hotel prices, and cheap rental cars. If not that, you can opt for vacation packages too, which are definitely less expensive than making a separate booking for each.

Cruxair is among them and provides low prices than others in the market- all without compromising on quality. You can even ask for a customized package and avail extra 30% OFF on all flights, luxurious hotels, and even rental cars in Las Vegas, Nevada.

23. Opt for Room Sharing

If you are traveling solo, an easy way to grab affordable hotels in Las Vegas will be to look for shared deals. You can stay in bunk beds or even ask the hotel manager for room sharing options. Many people do this to enjoy the luxurious facilities offered by a hotel or resort and that too at a lower price.

That was all about the tricks and tips to get cheap hotels in Las Vegas. We hope using any of these could save you the most amount and provide you with a better travel experience. If you wish to make the greatest savings, you can get Cruxair vacation packages too. Our packages are customizable, budget-friendly, and provide huge discounts. Follow Cruxair on Facebook to get exciting offers. To book one now and get an OFF of 30%, call +1(855)-567-0070

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