Cancun In March: All You Need To Know 🏖️

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cancun in march

Be it beaches, nightlife, shopping, or sightseeing, Cancun has everything that most people desire. And, due to its attractions and positive ambiance, people come to visit Cancun throughout the year, particularly they visit Cancun in March. 

Do people only explore Cancun in March? No, that’s not true! As a fact, Cancun and its nearby areas experience semi-tropical weather throughout the year which makes them one of the famous Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico spots that are visited around the year. But, does Cancun really has the best month? Or it’s typically well-situated for graduates to enjoy their spring break in Cancun? 

If that’s your plan, then you need to know certain things when visiting Cancun in March. Not just the weather, you need to be familiar with the Cancun hotel packages, Cancun all inclusive package with flights, things to do in Cancun, and a lot more!

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To assist you with Cancun vacation planning, we’ve compiled this guide to assist you on whether you should visit Cancun in March or not.

What are Cancun’s Travel Seasons?

Cancun witnesses three different seasons, namely high, low, and shoulder seasons. Before we delve into each season, let’s have a quick look at how the weather fluctuates throughout the year in Cancun.

☀️ Wet Season of Cancun 

The wet season is generally hotter than any other season and spans from May to October-end.

🌀 Hurricane Season of Cancun 

Though actual hurricanes are rare to predict but the hurricane season falls from June to November. Storms are generally more from August to October with heavy rainfalls. Don’t mind visiting the city if you’re afraid of hurricanes. Why? The last 2 hurricanes were only seen 30 years ago. So, nothing to panic about at all!

🌨️ Dry Season of Cancun

The dry season of Cancun is the most pleasant and cooler of all. With a mild to a cold breeze, people love to explore the attractions of Cancun, specifically from December to April.

High Season in Cancun

From the stretches of December to April, the high season in Cancun is experienced. The weather is quite cold yet pleasant during this season and tourists generally arrive to celebrate Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s Day. 

Besides that, the city is filled with colorful lights, bumping music, and lively vibes during this season. By the end of the season, college graduates come to enjoy their spring break in Cancun. The last two months of the season are fun-filled and busy with non-stop parties, drinks, and entertainment. And, you’ll see Cancun’s pristine beaches covered with tourists sun-basking under the sun loungers, and umbrellas.

Perhaps, it’s obvious that the hotel and flight fares will peak this season. And, you will be paying extra or double for the items or services you opt-in this season. But, don’t worry we are here to guide you on how to travel to Cancun for cheap. Just stick with us!

Pro Tip: Arrive a few days before or in the first week of December, the crowd is less and prices are slightly lower than in the upcoming days.

Low Season in Cancun

The low season runs from May to October when the sun is at its peak with fewer rain showers. However, as the season ends, rains are expected, and the weather gets decent. As the humidity is higher in this season, tourists don’t prefer arriving this season. Also, due to the temperature’s unpredictable nature and hurricanes, this season is not on the tourist list.

But, if you wish to relax in the hotel’s pool while sipping your drink or view crow-less beaches, this is the best time. Hotel, excursions, and air tickets are reasonable this season. Plus, expect better hospitality in the resorts!

Pro Tip: Book your stay for the second week of October or early May. The weather slightly moves towards a colder range and many attractions are open for public use.

Shoulder Season in Cancun

As per our viewpoint, the best season in Cancun is April, May, November, and December. This is the time when the prices of all services including hotels and tickets are decent. Plus, you will expect fewer crowds in the city and on the beaches- which is really a rare chance! 

Perhaps, the temperature in this weather will be mild- not too hot and not too cold. With light sunny days and plenty of sunshine, you will explore Cancun at its best. Cancun in March is also a good option for those who want to enjoy the city in its busiest month and do plenty of exciting activities.

Cancun in March: What to Expect 🌤️

March is a really great and busiest month in Cancun. With hundreds and thousands of college grads, partiers, and travelers flocking to the city, the whole of Cancun is filled with non-stop parties and activities. 

The cherry on top- the weather is pretty pleasant in March. With clear skies and more than 10 hours of daily sunshine, you will have a comfortable experience. The humidity is slightly higher than the previous month but not too much. You will enjoy the beautiful days with sun basking and nights of partying at bars. Nights will be warmer, with an average temperature of 25°C, than in February so you can go out strolling or eat at local street shops. 

After long harsh cold weather, you’ll be able to enjoy Cancun activities. Plus, the closed excursions will be open for public access. 

Your packaged light clothes will be out-wearable this season. So, you may bring light cardigans or sweatshirts to Cancun. As rains are also the least expected, you may plan trips to nearby places. And, don’t worry even if it’ll rain as there will be only light passing showers.

How Cancun in March will Impact your Wallet 💰

With Spring Break already underway, hotels and resorts will undoubtedly be packed. Even though hotel prices are higher during this time of the year, you won’t pay exorbitant amounts if you reserve a minimum of three months beforehand.

Your major concern will be the crowds rather than the cost of hotels or accommodations – specifically if you are a college graduate or young traveler.

Cancun Mexico

Pro tip: Get ahead of the crowd of hurried partygoers! Make your hotel arrangements as quickly as possible if you intend to visit Cancun in March.

Expect your resort’s beaches, restaurants, and pools to be busier because many hotels will be at capacity. Wherever possible, we advise making reservations for dining establishments and excursions as earliest as possible.

Cancun Weather in March

The weather is pleasant with 10 hours of sunshine. Clouds are clear with beautiful blue skies in the month of March. In terms of humidity, it is way lower than the June or July months, so you will feel much more comfortable partying, sightseeing, and strolling. 

Rains are expected due to its semi-tropical region but very less. On average, 4 days of rainfall is received in the month of March in Cancun. Also, storms are way long to come, and exposure to the next hurricane is nearly nonexistent!

Here’s a detailed view of Cancun weather in March:

cancun in march

March Events in Cancun 🥳

Here are some of the popular march events in Cancun, Mexico:

🍷 Wine and Food Festival: A yearly culinary celebration on the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico that includes both domestically and globally famous chefs.

🎉 Spring Break in Cancun: Thousands of spring breaks arrive in Cancun partying for the next 30 days and nights. Event highlights include non-stop bumping music, live performances, world-class DJs, celebrity appearances, theme parties, and a lot more!

🎤 Inception Music Festival: The largest spring break celebration in history. The 30-day music event kicks off at the start of March. You can always find Inception’s parties at a club or beach, no matter what time of day it is.

Best time to visit Cancun for perfect weather ☁️

The majority of the year in Cancun is pleasant, but for the ideal weather, go there between December and April. Most days see little to no rain and temperatures that hover around the mid-80s.

It’s vital to keep in mind that spring breakers will start traveling to Cancun in March and April, which could result in large crowds and congested locations.

Therefore, even though the weather could be perfect, you should travel more frequently in the months of December, January, or February if you want to stay away from these raucous visitor groups.

This period is ideal since the weather is perfect and there are no hurricanes or excessive amounts of rain to worry about.

Best time to visit Cancun for the best deals 👛

Just like other destinations of the world, Cancun has peak as well as low seasons. The weather is warm and pleasant during the spring and summer months i.e. from Nov to Apr hence, expect a huge crowd near beaches.

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Not just because of weather conditions, but also because of holidays the city attracts huge visitors each month. The bright colored lights, well-decorated Christmas trees, bumping music, and festival vibes in the ambiance make this period of the year renowned. And, who can forget about the spring breakers? 

Particularly in December and January, you can see the beaches with huge crowds, decorated local streets, and live music stringing through the streets.


But, don’t expect low prices since this is a popular time, you may find a more expensive trip, with increased rates of hotels, flights, and excursions.

The best time to snug an exclusive deal for your next Cancun vacation is to make a booking for May and November months. This is the time when fewer tourists arrive in Cancun due to rainfalls and high temperatures. However, to attract tourists, airlines and hotels come up with various attractive offers and discounts. 

Hence, this is an ideal deal when you can look for exclusive deals for flights and all-inclusive hotels. However, make sure to grab these deals 90 days in advance. Don’t wait for the last-minute deals, it will be too late for you.

Besides this, if you can wait for some more time, you can get a sweet spot between October and November. In these months, you can cherish pleasant moments in comfortable temperatures with less humidity. Plus, you can take advantage of some lucrative deals too! Also, you can find Cancun honeymoon packages with deals special for couples during this season.

Best time to visit Cancun for avoiding crowds 🧑‍🤝‍🧑🧑

In order to know the best time to avoid crowds in Cancun, Mexico, you must know a few things beforehand. 

As we previously noted, people frequently travel to Cancun around the holidays, particularly in Late November and in March – April for summer vacation. Ensure that you go outside of these seasons at the absolute least if you want to avoid large crowds.

You should consider traveling sometime in Oct or Sept to experience the slightest tourist traffic.

In June, July, and August, a large number of people travel to this captivating city for their summer vacations, resulting in less crowded conditions than during the holidays but still a considerable number of visitors.

The months of September and October are ideal because the summer is almost over but the holidays haven’t arrived yet.

Best time to visit Cancun for swimming, snorkeling and diving 🏊‍♀️

Things to do in Cancun

If you like to spend a lot of time outside and on the ocean, Cancun is a fantastic destination! While on vacation, there are several options to go swimming, snorkeling, diving, and participating in other activities.

You should go to Cancun during a month when the weather is pleasant and the water is warm if you wish to perform any of the following things.

You should visit Cancun in the summer or the early fall if you want to enjoy the beaches to the fullest. You can enjoy extended stretches of swimming and snorkeling in the hottest water of the year in July, August, September, and even October.

Best time to visit Cancun for whale Sharks🦈

Are you aware that when it comes to observing aquatic life, more than 70% of visitors come to Cancun to see the most recognizable marine life, namely whale sharks? Oh, yes! That’s accurate. But do sharks actually terrify you? So, don’t freak out. Although they are members of the dangerous shark family, they are actually gentle and harmless. Most importantly, they enjoy eating plankton (not people).

You must travel during shark season if you want to see this docile shark up close and take some amazing underwater photos. This season only lasts two months each year, from June to July, when the sea is warm and the weather is pleasant.

However, sometimes this season went for a little longer too; which is really unpredictable. Hence, its advisable to book your trip in June or July in advance.

Best time to visit Cancun for nightlife 🌃

cancun night life

It’s quite obvious that many tourists fly to Cancun to view the gorgeous beaches and resorts. But, do you know more than half of the tourists arrive to witness the bustling nightlife to party hard and de-stress themselves?

Cancun is well-known for its wild nightlife and exciting nightly entertainment, and there are many restaurants and nightclubs there that you may visit every evening to ensure you have a fine experience.

If having a good time while on vacation is your goal, you should go to Cancun either in the spring or summer.

During spring break, a lot of people travel to Cancun in the months of March and April. There are plenty of beach parties during the day and crowded nightclubs at night.

The younger crowd like to go out and party in the summer since the weather is perfect and keeps warm well into the night.

You can also travel to Cancun in October, November, or December if you want to party with a fun crowd but don’t want to deal with the chaos of spring break.

Many individuals, like us, frequently travel at this time to check out Cancun’s different clubs and other attractions. Additionally, visitors at this time of year are typically more mature and more easygoing than they are in the spring and summer.

If it describes you more, I’d postpone March and April and go later in the year.

Essential packing for Cancun in March 🎒

  • Medicines- Don’t forget to carry your daily prescribed medicine doses and other over-the-counter medicines for hangovers, headaches, motion sickness, etc. 
  • Snorkel sets– Though most of the resorts offer snorkeling gear, if you wish to cut their rental costs, you may bring your own.
  • Portable power bank- When you’re in Cancun, you will probably be going out to explore various attractions and explore new things, it’s pretty obvious you won’t be rushing to resort to charge your phone or camera. So, make sure you have a portable power bank with you.
  • Underwater gears- Obviously, no resort will provide you with waterproof gears or phones. And, you won’t probably rent one from Cancun at high rates. Hence, the best deal will be to bring your own underwater camera, phone, etc.
  • Dry bags- Obviously, when you are in Cancun, you’ll be doing plenty of water activities like kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, snorkeling, etc. so make sure you put all your clothes and other essential items in a dry bag.
  • Bug repellent- Perhaps, you don’t want to go back to your city with huge bug bites. Right? So, carry a bug repellent in your backpack, especially if you are traveling with kids in March.
  • Raincoat and Umbrella- Though Cancun in March is sunny and pleasant with little showers. However, since it’s in a semi-tropical region, rains are unpredictable. Therefore, carry a raincoat and waterproof umbrella along with you. Also, keep a pair of goggles with you! 
  • A lightweight bag- Add a lightweight bag to your packing so you can carry it easily everywhere even when it’s filled with snacks, a camera, a water bottle, a towel, etc.
  • Laundry bag- Since you’ll be traveling to Cancun in March, you’ll sweating a lot!!! Hence, carry a laundry bag along with you to keep dirty clothes away from the utmost fresh ones.
  • Clothing- Carry lightweight clothes since the weather will be around 25°C but make sure to keep a few extra layers too. Your clothing sets should have tanks, tops, swimsuits, swim coverups, undergarments, etc.
  • Sunscreens– You must already know that sunscreens are a must when visiting a tropical spot in the world. Make sure to carry one or two coral reef-safe UV protection sunscreens.

Essential travel tips for Cancun in March ✔️

  • Make Bookings Early! 

Bookings should be made four to six months in advance especially if are looking to stay at a specific hotel or resort.

  • Stay at a boutique or eco-friendly resort! 

The small and super-cute boutique hotels are typically the ones to initially book, nevertheless, the mega-resorts might have space even at the last moment.

  • Check for the weather! 

And, don’t forget to check the weather trends before you go plan your Cancun vacation. Whatever the season is, ensure you have everything you need and are prepared. Bring a windproof umbrella and a lightweight rain jacket in your bag pack.

  • Stay updated with Cancun’s Seaweed conditions! 

Cancun has experienced something of a seaweed problem. Want to be certain that the waters you receive are crystal clear? Then, go through the latest news discussing the seaweed condition on Yucatan island.

  • Travel in Aug, Sep, and Oct!

The months of June through early August and November until March are the busiest for travel to Cancun (peak season). Make a reservation around Aug to Oct if you want a more sedate atmosphere.

  • Avoid the stormy season!

The storm season in Mexico lasts from August to November. If you intend to travel during storm season, the majority of weather experts advise buying an insurance policy.

  • Carry some PESOS!

Anyway, in case you have to make a monetary payment, have pesos with you. Before leaving for Cancun, obtain pesos at an ATM wherever you are departing from. Small shopfronts, food carts, and other establishments on the island don’t often accept credit cards, and there aren’t many ATMs to be found.

  • Pick local currency!

When paying with a credit card, pick the local currency above your own currency. By doing so, you can grab more suitable exchange rates.

  • Travel by Bus!

Traveling by local transportation i.e. bus is one of the fastest, best, and cheapest ways to explore the entire Cancun and its surrounding areas.

  • Don’t panic about Spanish!

Don’t know Spanish? Worry not! You don’t need to learn Spanish when you can find several hotels, restaurants, guides, and even localities speaking English.

  • Is water a problem?

There are a couple of rumors that water is unsafe to drink in Cancun. But that’s not the case. The majority of the hotels, resorts, and restaurants have installed water distillation systems to offer safe drinking water. Even if you want, you can buy distilled water bottles available around every street. 

  • Always buy all-inclusive packages!

To grab Cancun cheap deals, bundle your flight, hotel, meals, and transfers altogether. In this way, you’ll not only save money but can also hassle-freely access your entire itinerary from one place.

Other popular destinations near Cancun, Mexico

Some of the other destinations located near Cancun, Mexico are:

  • Isla Mujeres
  • Playa Del Carmen
  • Tulum
  • Isla Holbox
  • Cozumel

Frequently asked questions 

Does it rain all day in Cancun during the rainy season?

Yes and no. Though it could rain for a few hours in the day or maybe not. Also, it could rain at night or maybe not. The rain is unpredictable in Cancun, but even if it will rain then firstly, it won’t rain for your entire trip. Secondly, it could rain for half an hour, and just after that, you could view sunshine for the entire day. That’s how the Cancun is! 

But don’t worry it won’t be heavy rainfall in March and you could enjoy your trip comfortably.

Is Cancun cold in March?

Not at all! Cancun is slightly cooler than the upcoming months but won’t be cooler than January and February. The days will be sunny with more than 10 hours of rays of sunshine and the night could be pleasant. The average temperature in March is around 25°C only. So, it’s not too cold.

Is Cancun rainy in March?

Yes, it does rain but only for 4 days in March. In fact, the March is one of the driest seasons in Cancun when rainfall is least expected. Even if it will rain, it will be quicker or may rain only at night.

Is March a good time to visit Cancun?

Yes, March is a pleasant time to visit Cancun. Talking about the weather, temperatures are really decent (25°C) with bright 10 hours of sunlight and less humidity. Rains are predicted to happen 3 or 4 times in 30 days only. 

Talking about the tourists, the city is bustling with huge spring breakers, partiers, and travelers who come to experience nightlife and indulge in exotic parties. 

Considereing fares, they are pretty high as this is the peak season in Cancun. Hotels, flights, restaurants, and even attractions tickets are too expensive to afford.

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