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A place blessed with beaches, rainforests and parks blending with mountains and volcanoes is none other than Costa Rica. Diversity is at its best in this country! Assuming you are looking for Costa Rica Travel Packages, here’s all you need to know about this iconic place.

Your Costa Rica Travel Packages complements flights and all-inclusive hotels. Further, our boutique packages offer relaxation, soul revelation, and pampering you have been much-awaited for.

With a plethora of choices to select from, our customized Costa Rica travel packages are designed to enhance the experiences of all.  

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🌟 Highlights of Costa Rica 

Cherish in the magnificent scenery of searing magma as it slants on the iconic Arenal Volcano.

Witness classic local lifestyle and culture in the clamoring markets and lively roads of San Jose.

Hear quetzal music and sneak-peak at the lovely butterflies playing in the foggy, drizzly Monteverdi Cloud Forest Reserve landscape.

✦ Visit the Manuel Antonio National Park to learn about the ecological system of the tropical rainforest.Go swimming in the ocean and take in other shoreside attractions.

Rock climbing around Rincon de la Vieja National Park, rappelling down waterfalls, and zipping over ancient trees provide exhilarating experiences.

The upscale Playa Tamarindo is a great place to unwind in the warm sun, go surfing, or explore the small seashores.

Finally, in the vast Talamanca mountains, chat to Cabecar Indians and encounter a shaman.

Costa Rica Essential Information

Here’s all the important information about this gorgeous city- Costa Rica:

🗣️ Language
💱Local Currency
Costa Rican colón
50.9 lakhs (2020)
🌋🏞️🏖️Natural Landscapes
Coco Beach, Jaco Beach, Manuel Antonio Beach, Conchal Beach, Flamingo Beach

Costa Rica Travel Packages 2022 and 2023

With an immense natural blend, you can choose to have breakfast near the beach and supper on the slants of the Arenal volcano. Therefore, you can choose the way you want your Costa Rica travel packages to be. Furthermore, you can plan adventurers’ tours for the evenings as well, but we’ll advise you to leave some space for other activities too.

Perhaps, it is a vibrant place that has so much more than one can even know, even if your bucket list is too long. Everything is here and we know how to provide you the same. We do understand that with innumerable places to explore, the Costa Rica Travel packages can be a bit overwhelming but if you plan a weekday trip, you might be able to cover a couple of them. And herein comes your helping hand “Cruxair”. 

In fact, let us know what you want’s more important for you: nature, relaxation, activities, luxury, and fishing- there’s no limit! From bookings to departures, from arrivals to tours, Cruxair will take care of everything and we’ll share Costa Rica travel packages that suit your needs.

💡Pro Tip: Don’t miss to visit the Thrilling Hotspot- La Fortuna (near Arenal Volcano) where you can enjoy white water rafting, rappelling, mountain biking, and even bathe in hot springs.

Witness iconic landmarks of Costa Rica, and soothing beaches, or explore the beauty of wildlife- everything will be provided to you. Not sure what exactly are we talking about. What we’ll include in your itineraries? We have listed a few of our best and most-liked Costa Rica Travel packages for 2021 and 2022.

However, it’s just the tip of the iceberg, if you need more information simply call us at +1-855-567-0070, and we’ll be happy to help you!


🔥 What’s included in Costa Rica Travel Packages (All Inclusive)

You will be surprised to know that all our packages in Costa Rica are curated with plenty of extras to create your vacation extraordinarily.

Here’s what is included in our packages:

Round Trip Flights 


  Day-to-Day itinerary 

  Rental Car

  Travel Guide 

  24/7 customer service

⛰️ Mountains & 🌅 Coasts Included in your Costa Rica Travel Package

Encountering Costa Rica’s rich culture, diversity, and lifestyle isn’t simply achievable- however that’s not the case when we provide you all things you have to explore from day 1. To explore all it has for its guests, our most well-known Costa Rica travel packages are commonly 5 to 7 Nights long.

To make long-lasting memories, combine your itinerary with activities related to nature, family, thrilled, diving, and much more. Or blend all of them together to make the most of all; the choice is in your hands!

The top-rated combos typically include an accommodation close to Arenal Volcano, from where visitors can explore the ocean side of the Pacific shoreline. Prepare to admire the notorious landscape, adventure, and luxury service.

The two most loved ocean-side places are:

  • Manuel Antonio National Park and 
  • Guanacaste territory. 

Manuel Antonio offers both ocean side and wildlife. While the latter is home to most of our comprehensive vacation bundles. In Costa Rica, friends, families, couples, and solo can all live it up. And, don’t forget the Tortuguero National Park! 

💡Pro Tip: Head to the Tortuguero National Park between March and June for the leatherback turtle nesting season.

The Costa Rica accommodations that we add to our itineraries are fit for various kinds of explorers, from those looking for rich shops or bigger hotels to visitors’ access to unexplored areas or all-inclusive packages.

For a decade, we’ve found that the ideal match among travelers and convenience, the ideal tour beat, the ideal plan— these can have a significant effect. All of us are about having an effect.

What’s more? There are multiple Special Offers that we run throughout the year. Using these offers or deals, you won’t only get cheaper Costa Rica travel packages but you will even get more exciting perks.

Let our experts direct you while curating your ever-desired Costa Rica travel package. Cherish your stay with friends and family and make delightful recollections that endure forever!

Top Destinations for Costa Rica Travel Packages

Here are a couple of hotspots for Costa Rica Travel packages and you can either choose all or the one that you desire. Before you even start planning, here are the destinations we picked for you:

Arenal Volcano Area

costa rica travel packages

Also known as the “Adventure Capital” of Costa Rica, this is a stunning place to witness a majestic volcano, natural wildlife, exquisite flowers, exotic birds, and a lot more. This is a place that is full of energy and allows you to admire the beautiful landscapes at the bottom of this iconic colossus. A couple of incredible landmarks including waterfalls, hot springs, a reservoir lake, and a national park is famous among families traveling to this area.

Vacation Style: Family, Friends, Solo, Adventure, and Luxury vacations.

Activities: Friends and families visiting this beautiful place can take part in various thrilling activities. A couple of them include rock climbing, zip-lining, diving, a tour of the park, and much more! 

Guanacaste (the North Pacific)

costa rica

Undoubtedly, Guanacaste is a stunning place for couples, friends, and families. Most travelers plan to travel to this place to witness the sunset during which the sun’s shadow falls on the Pacific ocean and adds charm to its beauty. Stay in luxury hotels and enjoy the beachside while pampering yourself. Perhaps, this is one of the only exclusive Costa Rica travel packages where you see the country at its best. Luxury hotels complement the intimate ambiance. 

Vacation Style: Honeymoon trips, romantic, Family holidays, Adventure, and Luxury travels.

Activities: Tourists can rejuvenate their souls by relaxing on the white coastline, doing meditation and yoga, and even doing a couple of water activities such as diving, surfing, kayaking, and snorkeling. And, don’t miss to do horse riding.

Manuel Antonio National Park 

costa rica travel package

The Manuel Antonio National Park is widely known for its excellent display of wilderness. This protected reserve enhances the beauty of the area and also charms visitors with its two different worlds- beach and jungle all in one place. Golf enthusiasts can find a plethora of world-class courses over here and for people desiring to do fishing, this is a perfect spot.

Vacation Style: Honeymoon trips, Adventure, and nature lovers.

Activities: Sightseeing, hiking, rafting, kayaking, parasailing, snorkeling, fishing, and surfing.

Why Cruxair?

Well, we are in the final stage of our article. We have provided you with enough understanding of our Costa Rica Travel Packages starting from only $545 per person. With our extensive 24/7 support, we tend to make each package fully customized and free from hassles. We are among the leading OTAs – Online Travel Agents that provide the best yet budget-friendly Costa Rica Travel Packages to explorers seeking to discover unexplored areas of the world. Why our prices are lower than others?

We have tie-ups with all major airlines and have partnered with Costa Rica hotels, due to our long-term partnership of more than a decade, we have built trust among them along with our customers. 

So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and exciting, allow us to take you on an amazing route to Costa Rica. Let us explore your ideal travel itinerary for you. Contact us at +1-855-567-0070 and plan your visit to Costa Rica today! 

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