How to Book Cheap Flight Tickets Online

Cheap Flight Tickets Online

Travelling should not come to a halt for those who are passionate about exploring new horizons. But, to travel more, you need tricks that can cut down on your major expenses, such as air tickets and hotel bookings. If you are someone who likes to travel more, there is no way you would want to book your flight tickets during the festive or peak season when most airlines surge their fares. The truth is, you can get excellent deals and discounts on your flight booking at happyeasygo. com at any time of the year. All you need is to follow the tips and tricks mentioned here every time you book a flight.

1. Book your flight tickets early

Though it might sound cliched, if you want to book a cheaper flight ticket, you must plan your travel well in advance and book your air tickets at that time. Booking flights early is a proven hack to get discounted airfares and save more on your flight expenses.

2. Use the incognito mode

Have you ever noticed that you see a raised flight booking amount every time you visit an online flight booking website? Well, do not think of these portals as fools. These portals automatically record your cookies and server details. The moment your PC knows that you are visiting the flight ticket website for the second time, it will give you raised airfares after a few days. The best option to avoid this surge in air tickets is to use private browsing mode or the Incognito mode in your web browsers. The Incognito code does not allow your browser to save your cookies and history. If you wish to use the browser in the normal made, ensure that you clear all the cookies and history or open the flight booking website from a different browser or system.

3. Use websites for flight comparison

Do not forget to check flight ticket comparison websites before you book your tickets. Several websites like HappyEasyGo provide a detailed listing of flights, timings and airfares offered by different airlines for your desired destination. Also, try to avoid a specific departure date for your destination, instead, make a selection for the entire month to know the cheapest time to fly.

4. Try to opt for different airlines

Make an extra effort to look for different flights before confirming your flight bookings. Be open to your flight timings so you can get more options to crack a cheaper deal for your flight ticket. If you are selected for an airline, you might land up spending more as an airline might not have a cheap air ticket every time you book.

5. Do not book flight tickets on weekend

Booking flight tickets on the weekend is not at all a good option. Airfares usually start surging on Fridays and begin plummeting on Mondays or Tuesdays. Weekdays, especially Wednesdays and Thursdays, are the cheapest days to book a flight ticket.

6. Opt for budget airlines

Budget carriers are called budget for a reason. They offer tickets at lower prices compared to their partner airlines. You might not get ample legroom and meals onboard, but you will surely save more big bucks on your air tickets. However, before you book a ticket from a budget airline, ensure that you read the fine print and know about the airport it lands, the luggage allowance as these airlines might not allow checked-in luggage and the weight allowance. You pay only for the exact luggage weight that you are carrying. This is the reason these airlines keep their prices lower than the other airlines.

7. Choose flights with layovers

Avoid ticking the “direct flights only” box while booking your air tickets. Flights with transfers or layovers are way cheaper than direct flights. However, ensure that you do not book flights with tight layovers, as you might end up missing your flight because of unforeseen delays. Also, make sure that there are at least 3 hours between connections for your layovers so that you have enough time to catch your next flight in case of a delay. You can also check for airlines and airports that offer free or very low-priced city tours to transit passengers.

8. Sign up for newsletters

Make sure that you sign up for the newsletter of various airlines. They scour the web for cheap air ticket deals and then compile them for you. Basically, these airlines do all the hard work for you. Keep an eye on these deals, as sometimes these deals last only for a few hours. Additionally, these airline newsletters also offer frequent flier bonuses. These deals will help you score free flights and awesome upgrades if you are a frequent traveler.

Try following these simple flight booking hacks to save more on your flight tickets on your next trip.

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