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Cancun is a beautiful city located in Mexico that’s perfect for a summer getaway. If you’re looking to travel there on a budget, there are a few tips and tricks you can follow to make it happen!

Cancun Airport
All domestic and international travel is routed via Cancun International Airport which manages over 17 million passengers every year.

Top Airlines
You can check Cruxair for cheap flights to Cancun on Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Alaska Airline.

Cancun Airport is located about 18km from the city centre with a travel time of about 30 mins.


Looking to travel to Cancun on the cheap? Here are a few tips to help you save money on your trip:

1. Travel during the off-season. You can find great deals on hotels and flights if you travel during the spring or fall, when tourism is slower.

2. Look for all-inclusive resorts. These can be a great way to save money, as they typically include meals and activities in the price.

3. Look online for cheap airline tickets. Use a travel website like Expedia or Cruxair to grab best prices on flights, hotels, car hire, vacation packages, romantic gateways and more all through one secure platform.

4. Use credit card rewards. If you have a credit card that offers rewards, you may be able to use your points towards your travel expenses.

5. Join a travel club. Members of travel clubs often get access to discounts on hotels, flights, and other travel expenses.

😃Cheapest Way To Plan a Trip To Cancun

Assuming you would like tips for traveling to Cancun on a budget:

1. Research, research, research!

Not all travel websites are created equal and sometimes the best deals can be found by doing a little extra digging. Try some combination of well-known sites (Expedia, Cruxair, Google Flights, etc.)

2. Be flexible with your dates!

Once you have an idea of what kind of trip you want and an estimated budget, try to be flexible with your dates. You may be able to save a significant amount of money simply by changing your travel dates by a day or two which will also allow you to find a flight that can be cheap and highly affordable around the dates.

3. Choose an All-Inclusive Resort

When it comes to lodging, again, do your research. There are a variety of accommodation options in Cancun, from all-inclusive resorts to more modest hotels and even hostels. Consider what kind of experience you want and what your budget will allow before making any reservations.

Pro Tip: The benefit of booking an all-inclusive resort is; your food and beverages are paid, most activities are included, you only pay once for the entire trip, no hidden charges or fees, ease to plan your budget and peace of mind.

4. Take Advantage of Outdoor Activities

Once you’re in Cancun, take advantage of the many free or low-cost activities the city has to offer. Hit the beach, explore ancient ruins, and more that won’t hurt your package.

💲How Much Does An Average Trip To Cancun Cost?

Well, this seems to be one of the major concerns when you’re planning to travel to Cancun. But, don’t worry! We have summed up the entire cost for your Cancun trip below:

On average, a solo Cancun trip for a week would cost just over $1,115. However, if you’re a couple, then the week’s trip price may rise to $2,000. Simultaneously, the average cost for a family of four would roughly sum up to around $3,750.

Please Note: The average cost of the Cancun trip may depend on the type of accommodation and the number of activities you wish to add in your bucket list.

📅How Many Days Do You Need In Cancun

If you’re looking to travel to Cancun on a budget, you’ll need to be strategic about how many days you spend in the city. While three or four days is enough time to see the highlights of Cancun, we would recommend that you spend at least a week or more in Cancun in order to enjoy everything that Cancun has to offer. However, staying for a shorter period of time will also help you avoid the crowds and save money on transportation.

😀Free and Cheap Things to do in Cancun

Looking to travel to Cancun on the cheap? Here are some free and cheap things to do in Cancun that will help you save money while you’re there!

1. Visit the Mayan ruins at Chichen Itza. 

Entrance to the site is only about $5 USD, making it a very affordable activity.

2. Go snorkeling or swimming in one of Cancun’s many cenotes. 

These natural pools are perfect for cooling off and don’t cost anything to enter.

3. Take a walk down Playa del Norte, also known as Cancun’s Beach. 

This is a great way to enjoy the sun and the water without spending any money.

4. Shop at one of Cancun’s many markets for souvenirs, gifts, and other items. 

You’ll be able to find great deals on a variety of items.

5. Check out some of Cancun’s museums, such as the Museum of Popular Art or the Museo Maya de Cancun. Most museums have very reasonable entrance fees.

🛏️Where to Stay on a Budget in Cancun

Looking for a place to stay in Cancun on a budget? Look no further than the Hotel Zone! This part of town is home to a number of affordable hotels, apartments, and hostels that will help you save money on your accommodation. Plus, the Hotel Zone is centrally located and close to all the best beaches, restaurants, and nightlife in Cancun.

Let’s dive into our Top 3 picks:

1. Hostel Natura

Hostel Natura

An easygoing hostel, Hostel Natura gives guests an authentically rustic and cosy experience without giving them the impression of roughing it.

Simply put, the location of Hostel Natura is unbeatable. You’ll be close to everything you could possibly want in the Hotel Zone, which includes beaches, shopping, and nightlife. While staying at the hostel, take advantage of the great rooftop bar and discounted restaurant available to hostel guests. Breakfast is also included in the room rate.

2. Selina Hotels – 3 Locations

A growing number of digital nomads are choosing to stay at Selina because of their affordable rooms and numerous co-working spaces as well as their strong presence in some of the world’s most popular digital nomad destinations across the world.

Depending on your travel style, Selina offers three fantastic Cancun sites. In the heart of the activity, guests at the Selina Laguna Hotel Zone enjoy easy access to the lagoon’s hottest nightclubs and party boats. Selina’s position on the island of Isla Mujeres, just a short ferry ride from the mainland of Cancun, is ideal for beach bums. For those looking for a break from the tourist-heavy resorts, Selina Cancun Downtown is a great option.

3. Nomads Hotel & Rooftop Pool

Nomads, despite its name, is an adults-only hostel and bar. But this isn’t your usual hostel for backpackers on a tight budget.

To put it another way, it’s like the backpackers’ alternative to expensive hotels. The rooftop bar and pool area, which includes a stylish lounge and sundeck, is a welcome change from the common areas of most hostels. Whether you choose a mixed-gender dorm or a female-only dorm or a private room with a personal toilet, all of the rooms at this hostel are airy, colorful, and well-kept.

Free breakfast, dinner, and even occasional free yoga lessons are available at Nomads Hotel & Rooftop Pool, making it an excellent value.

🛫How To Find Cheap Flights To Cancun

In the last few months, Cruxair has helped travelers save between 70-90% on cheap flights to Cancun, Mexico. On average, our members spent $191 on their tickets to Cancun and saved $293 per ticket.

Here are a few samples of cheap flight deals that our members have received recently.

Newark (EWR) to Cancun (CUN)Price with Cruxair: starting from $172 Average Price: $447

Chicago (ORD) to Cancun (CUN)Price with Cruxair: starting from $158 Average Price: $498

Denver (DEN) to Cancun (CUN)Price with Cruxair: starting from $197 Average Price: $541

Toronto (YYZ) to Cancun (CUN)Price with Cruxair: starting from $267 Average Price: $625

Los Angeles (LAX) to Cancun (CUN)Price with Cruxair: starting from $274 Average Price: $526

🍜Where to Find Cheap Eats in Cancun

If you’re looking for cheap eats while in Cancun, there are a few options available to you. Check out some of the local markets for fresh fruits and vegetables, or stop by one of the many street vendors for a quick and inexpensive meal. You can also find affordable restaurants by asking around or checking online for reviews. With a little bit of research, you can easily find places to eat that won’t break the bank.

👉Start Planning Your Trip To Cancun with – A Forward Thinking Travel Company

Looking to take a trip to Cancun on the cheap? Cruxair has got you covered! We are a forward-thinking travel company that can help you plan an amazing trip to Cancun without breaking the bank.

There are plenty of ways to save money when planning a trip to Cancun, and we’re here to help you find the best deals. From finding cheap flights to getting the best value for your money at hotels and resorts, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to know.

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