Planning a Trip To Orlando? – Look on 10 Budget-Friendly Tips

planning a trip to orlando

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Planning a trip to Orlando on a budget is indeed a thrill! While making your trip healthy and affordable, there are many things to consider, including travel dates, preferred airlines, travel style, and where to stay. Further, Orlando’s attractions and dining options will probably spin your head.

Orlando is known as a preferred travel destination by travelers around the world. The city offers a wide variety of entertainment, dining, and accommodation options, which sometimes makes it difficult to narrow down the choices. As one of the top tourist destinations in the world, first-time visitors will undoubtedly be blown away by the wide variety of attractions and things to do in Orlando.

With that in mind, learning some decent tips can make your vacation smoother and more economical. Of course, as a newbie traveler, you need to be familiar with some things. This collection of tips and advice is designed to help you save money, suggest ideas for a smooth trip, and give you insider secrets only locals and returning visitors know.

Tips to follow while planning Orlando Day Trips 

Orlando welcomes more than 80 million visitors annually, home to some of the world’s best theme parks and attractions. Frequently described as an unquestionable requirement for families, the city offers energizing diversion in a Central location. The individuals who have never planned an excursion to Orlando may not know what’s in store or how the region differs from different objections. 

To help you with your planning, here are some helpful Orlando vacation tips:

Figure out your Budget before Planning

The very initial planning tip is to figure out your budget. And, you need to create a budget for everything- food, transportation, tickets, shopping, etc. Also, create a unique budget for the air tickets and hotel bookings. Second, don’t cross the budget limit. Perhaps, it is very likely to be helpful in the future.

When it comes to food, especially at Disney, the items are overpriced. Definitely, you would want to experience higher-end dining options; hence you need to save extra money for everyone accompanying you on your Orlando vacation. 

Furthermore, you must purchase plenty of tickets ranging from dining at Disney to theme parks entry fees. So, figure out your budget accordingly!

Benefits from Offers & Deals

If you are a newbie or a seasonal traveler, you might not be aware of the off-season. But it does exist, and it’s lovely. Because this is when you can grab cheap flights to Orlando and avail lucrative discounts or rewards, Cruxair can help you get the lowest air ticket for your Orlando trip during this off-season.  

Peak seasons include the summer months, and this is the time when fares are pretty expensive. Besides that, weeks around major US holidays are also quite busy. But, the months followed by late April to early November are the best things to grab the cheapest tickets to Orlando.

If you are flexible with dates, then go ahead and check theme parks’ calendars to set your dates. 

cheap hotels in orlando

Look for cheap hotels in Orlando 

Another best tip while planning a trip to Orlando is to look for cheap hotels in Orlando. You can contact an expert or an online travelling firm to scroll through multiple hotels and find the best deal for you. Also, while making the reservation, remember that some resorts charge a resort fee and other miscellaneous charges. It’s better to hire an agency to do this complex work. 

You can also get in touch with Cruxair at +1 (855)-567-0070. You only need to share your requirements with them, and within a few minutes, they can share a couple of excellent yet affordable hotels as per your stay type.

Pro Tip: Always go through the reviews of the hotels. And make sure to view their pictures as well. Don’t leave a hotel for a bad review or a 2-star hotel. Some hotels are trolls, and some have outstanding hospitality and amenities. So, choose wisely!

Prepare to Walk and Walk

During the summer, particularly in June, the Orlando tour wait times can be an hour or more for attractions such as Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Plus, the park is more significant than you can see on digital channels or television. 

With all five parks, Disney World is 40 square miles, while the combined area of ​​the two Universal Parks is 840 acres. There are many reasons for quick coverage. Depending on the theme park location, you can use a ride pass to reduce waiting times. However, plan to hold out for a long time. 

And, don’t forget to put on comfortable waterproof shoes and carry an umbrella. Families with young children should rent a stroller to prevent their children from getting exhausted.

Opt for Free Transports

Low on budget? L for a rental car? Take benefit of the many free shuttles from the theme or water parks to resorts and all over International Drive. Orlando resorts often work with theme parks to provide this free for their guests, even when the resort is not on site. Hence, you can save more than $230 that you could have probably spent on taxis or rental cars. However, make sure to check with your resort about this facility. 


Use the Express-Wait Card to skip the long wait times at theme parks. Tours to Orlando are pretty smooth with Walt Disney World’s Fastpass+, which allows one to select up to three different theme parks for free. These options are available for a month before arrival at the park. 

Visitors can obtain the Express Pass option at Universal Studios for an additional fee, and this is an unlimited pass for most attractions in both parks. Besides, theme parks offer a single passenger line where teams are often divided to fill individual seats. This advantage is that the latency is usually much shorter than with other lines.

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Make a booking in advance

Orlando is among the top-most destinations not just in the US but also across the world. Hence, once planning a trip to Orlando is finalized, you must purchase tickets in advance. This includes booking your flights, purchasing tickets for theme parks, museums, and galleries, or even buying for special performances or festivals. 

While planning an Orlando trip, make sure to look for discounts and special offers in advance. Booking your flight tickets in advance can even allow you to grab cheap vacation packages to Orlando. Buy your amusement park tickets online in advance for the best deals. Orlando has seven major theme parks, all offering different price packages. Therefore, plan ahead!

Both Walt Disney World and Universal websites offer discounts for pre-purchasing tickets and pooling days together. The more days you add to your package, the cheaper it gets daily. There are also additional discounts for advance purchases, such as a coupon booklet that saves over $150 in the park.

Pick a few parks, not all!

Orlando has more than 12 theme parks, large and small, but it’s impossible to see them all in one trip. Attractions like Disney World, Universal Studios, Seaworld, etc., are much larger than visitors realise. Additionally, visitors should consider waiting times, travel times, weather, and resistance.

Pick a few parks before trying to do it all. This allows travellers to enjoy the park for two days, a few hours, or even for a day. If you are travelling with small children, you must choose a park and spend a week there. 

By visiting just one, the family can gain enough experience, relieve the stress of doing too much, and prevent young children from having fun burnout. Also, visitors won’t spend much on single-day trip tickets and parking.

Ever heard about Restaurant Row?

Credit- Media Source Imagery

Orlando’s Row Restaurant is located just a mile away from International Drive. Perhaps, the place needs no introduction but if you’re non-familiar with the area, then be ready to explore this place. Restaurant Row has a wide variety of dishes to captivate your taste buds- and all at extremely affordable prices. 

This area offers Orlando’s best Greek, Mexican and American cuisine five minutes from International Drive. What’s more? Big Finn, one of the best seafood restaurants in town, is also located on this food street.

Some Free things!

Well, surprisingly, there are various places or attractions in Orlando, Florida, that are entirely free. While planning a trip to Orlando, add a tour to Disney Springs or Citywalk Orlando for unlimited entertainment. These popular destinations are always on visitors’ to-do lists. Though, many people are unfamiliar with such no-cost spots. 

These spots have everything from shops and dining to free concerts and many photography options. Disney Springs caters to families with young children, and Universal Orlando is a great place to go out at night. Both recreation areas have a cinema and mini golf. 

How does Cruxair help you plan a trip to Orlando?

With more than a decade of experience, Cruxair is a brand in itself! Long before, we provided affordable yet luxurious experiences to the people living within the confines of the United States, but, now, we have expanded our reach. 

Not just America, a traveler can now explore all the top attractions on this planet- Earth! Another key highlight of our service is that we are humans and don’t rely solely on automated data. Instead, we share live prices and seat availability of flights over the phone.  

Hotels? Yes, we cover that too! We have successfully partnered with hundreds and thousands of hotels worldwide, with a prestigious reputation for their hospitality. What’s more? We are available 24/7 on our only number +1(855)-567-0070. You can also reach us on Twitter for travel deals and news.

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