Spring Break In Cancun: The Best Resorts & Things To Do

spring break in cancun

Well, no doubt that spring breakers love partying with their friends and wait for the right time of the year when they can spend their spring break in Cancun. As a matter of fact, this city flourishes with college grads and youngsters during spring break, particularly in March and April.

Perhaps, with so many resorts, exotic nightclubs, theme restaurants, and things to do in Cancun, finding the best way to enjoy spring break in Cancun can be really overwhelming.

But, not anymore! Let us take the pressure off your shoulders. In today’s post, we have come up with a detailed overview of spring break in Cancun including the best resorts, activities, hotels, attractions, and a couple more things.

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When is Spring Break in Cancun?

Spring break in Cancun usually falls in the months of March and April when schools and colleges give a month break to the students. This is the time when they can take a break from their monotonous routine and explore new things or discover new places. 

And, spending spring break in Cancun is much better than any place in the world. Why? The fun, celebrations, parties, dance, and entertainment is endless in this place. This is the reason why college grads and other young people visit Cancun and witness the beauty and attractions of the Yucatan Peninsula.

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What to expect from the Spring Break in Cancun?

What you can expect from this spring break in Cancun? So much more than entertainment. March and April are really busiest in Cancun so expect huge crowds walking down the streets, beaches, and coastlines of the Caribbean Sea. 

What else?

You can expect to witness loud music, lively ambiance, bright and colorful lights, and people dressed in a fashionable manner. Whether you step into a bar at night or during the day, you’ll be welcomed into the unstoppable party.

With more than 250 nightclubs and pubs, you will be spoiled with your next choice for the night party.

In fact, the late-night parties during the spring break in Cancun never end. Not even a single day of these months is left without any event. Theme parties, live performances, and DJ nights could be everywhere seen during March and April.

Case in point, the world’s most popular party Inception Music Festival, which is the biggest spring break ever, is held here. For the 30 days and nights, non-stop DJs and artists create a dreamlike party, like no other. 

The pristine beaches of the Caribbean Sea will be flourishing with tourists- be they college students or kids or their parents. Plus, since this is a peak season for Cancun, expect a slight increase in the airfares, hotel prices, and eateries.

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Best Hotels to stay during the Spring Break in Cancun

Grand Oasis Cancun

Everyone knows the celebration of spring break in Cancun is the best and hottest in the Grand Oasis Cancun. From loud musical performances and DJ nights to celebrity appearances, the hotel makes sure no one is left without partying hard!

Keep your energy up as they have more than 12 bars in their hotel along with a large swimming pool- where the fun never ends! The hotel is always bustling with thrilling activities and unlimited entertainment during the spring break in Cancun. 

Hotel Riu Cancun

Another beach-front resort where spring breakers love to party is Hotel Riu Cancun. There are plenty of activities to do around their 4 swimming pools and a few bars.

To give you an unforgettable experience, the hotel offers day and night entertainment with a healthy blend of relaxation and engagement. Along with budget-friendly accommodations, you get on-site amenities like a spa, tennis courts, diving, snorkeling, and even windsurfing. 

Plus, all the big happenings in Cancun during the spring break are just within walking distance of this hotel.

Hard Rock Hotel Cancun

Every spring breaker fancies this resort. Why? 

Their foam parties, live performances, and unlimited drinks served throughout the day make the ambiance lively and busy. During the months of March and April, the bumping music of the hotel and pool parties hit the major highlights too. 

Rock on the beach or relax at the hot tub, there are plenty of things to do while on spring break in Cancun. With excellent cuisines expect to satisfy your taste buds with international food items. Want some peace? Don’t worry! The hotel is so massive that you could easily find some quiet places.

Krystal Cancun

Located outside of the epicenter of Cancun, Krystal Cancun has a world of its own. Live music performances, DJ nights, pool parties, spa massages, and much more are unraveled from other regions. Leave all the hustle and bustle behind and party at the long stretches of pristine beach.

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Step in at the best Nightclubs in the Cancun Spring Break 

Coco Bongo

If you are planning to enjoy your spring break in Cancun, then try one of the best nightclubs in the city- Coco Bongo. With a perfect music mixture, unlimited bumping music, DJs, live performances, and a huge screen, you will be drowned in the unforgettable experience of your lifetime. Confetti, balloons, and soap bubbles add charm to this nightclub. 

As the night unfolds, the ambiance gets moodier, and energetic and sparks the adrenaline levels.

The City

Yet another busiest and largest nightclub to celebrate spring break in Cancun is The City. With over 1 lakh watts of music sound, this club holds the capacity to fit more than 5000 people at a time. Since this is a vibrant nightclub, make sure to book in advance. Also, if you grab a VIP ticket, you can enjoy many more perks too such as a light spot dancing position in the front.

DJ plays throughout the day and night with live performances and celebrity appearances during the spring break.


If you are arriving to cherish spring break in Cancun among the finest people, then Mandala nightclub is perfect for you. With a lively atmosphere and open facade, enjoy a memorable night in Cancun. Perhaps, you won’t resist coming night and night. LED screens, vibrant lights, loud music, DJs, and a colorful stage is always open for the partygoers. 

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Best Things to do During Spring Break in Cancun 

Non-stoppable all-night party

Well, one of the best things to do during your spring break in Cancun is to party hard. Once you arrive in March or April, you’ll find that the party is unstoppable here. Be it DJ, live performances, or even celebrity appearances, you will be stunned by the plethora of fun-filled things. 

Besides nightclubs, you can indulge in the wildest cruise parties that generally offer a full day of excursions or dine at the Dady O which holds celebrity guest hosting and theme events.

Explore the Underwater Museum of Art – MUSA

Snorkel or dive in the glistening blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and witness the largest coral reef with more than 1400 sculptures of national and international sculptures. An adventure like this one is hard to forget and irresistible to try out. Once you dive into the water, just 9 meters below sea level, you can find stunning artifacts and astonishing aquatic life views.

Tip: Make sure to carry a waterproof camera to click some epic photographs. Obviously, you don’t want to miss the chance to show them to your friends and family. 

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Ancient ruins of the Mayan Civilization

Another place that spring breakers should consider visiting is the Temple of Kukulkan (Chichen Itza)  and Tulum. They can glimpse the ancient ruins of Mayan culture and view their famous 98-foot-tall pyramids, trading center, and sports center. Exploring these historical ruins is a great way to understand the region’s culture and history.

Don’t miss the Ziplining adventure

If you love adventures, specifically Zip lining, then make sure not to miss it. If you are new, then also add ziplining to your to-do bucket list while on spring break in Cancun. The closest one is Selvatica which has multiple packages and several ziplining routes. The same goes with Xplore Adventure Park which has the highest ziplines with several routes. So, make sure to give it a try! 

Cancun Weather in March

The Cancun weather in March is usually perfect. With slight rays of sunshine for around 10 hours and clear sunny days, the weather makes a perfect time to enjoy Cancun. The days are not too hot and in the evenings, you can experience a mild cold- though, not much! 

For people who wish to enjoy their spring break in Cancun here’s more information on the weather:

cancun weather in march

Cancun Weather in April

The weather in April is slightly hotter than March but not too much. Tourists can enjoy the city’s attractions on sunny days with clear rays of sunshine for 10 hours. Rain showers are quite less than in March. Here’s a complete overview of the April weather: 

cancun weather in april

Coming down to the lines, that was all about the spring break in Cancun. We hope our guide has provided you with sufficient information to make your next trip memorable and hassle-free. If you’re also planning to enjoy your next spring break in Cancun, do remember to book your trip in advance as the prices reach the sky as March and April arrive.

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