Step by Step Guide on Traveling with United Airlines

United Airlines

In recent years, United has experienced a number of changes. You might be wondering if you should buy that low-cost United ticket after the infamous BumpGate incident in 2017 and the installation of new fare structures. Well, to know about that, you can contact the United airlines booking phone number. Also, you will go through how to make United Airlines bookings in this step-by-step guide to flying United Airlines.

Before You Book With United Airlines, Here’s What You Should Know

United Airlines is a member of the Star Alliance, the world’s largest airline alliance. Air Canada, Air New Zealand, ANA, Avianca, Lufthansa, and Swiss are some of its primary airline partners. Many foreign flights are advertised by United but are flown by codeshare partners, so check the flight information to see which airline is actually flying your journey. Depending on the operating airline, certain policies may differ.

United, as a legacy carrier with multiple agreements, is better equipped to reroute passengers than ultra-low-cost carriers like Spirit or Frontier, which may have restricted timetables. If the rates are comparable, booking a United flight over an ultra-low-cost carrier may be profitable. For more information, give a call at United Airlines booking phone number.

When comparing United to other legacy carriers for domestic travel and short-haul international flights, keep in mind that United’s Basic Economy pricing is more limited than the others and is akin to the ultra-low-cost carrier model, which only allows for one small personal item. Also, to avail more details, you can contact the United Airlines customer service telephone number.

The 2021 latest update by United Airlines

“Connecting People. Uniting the World” is United’s common goal. To manage United Airlines bookings, go to, follow @United on Twitter and Instagram, or connect on Facebook. United Airlines Holdings, Inc.’s common stock, known as “UAL,” is listed on the Nasdaq under the symbol “UAL.”

Plan your fleet

The Company’s fleet strategy as of April 22, 2021, was as follows:

Mainline Fleet

Aircraft type1Q 20212Q 20213Q 2021YE 2021
B737 MAX30304143
Total Mainline Aircraft[1] 814814827835

United also owned or leased thirteen 737-700s, eleven Boeing 757-200s, seven Airbus A319s, five Airbus A320s, and one Boeing 767-200 as of April 22, 2021, in addition to the aircraft shown in the table above. For details, contact United airlines bookings phone number.

Regional Fleet

Aircraft type1Q 20212Q 20213Q 2021YE 2021
50-seat CRJ200/EMB145/CRJ550239257263269
70-seat CRJ700/EMB170/EMB175LL102102102100
76-seat EMB175153153153153
Total Regional Aircraft494512518522

Now as if you are clear about the latest fleet updates by United Airlines, let’s look at some of the tips for United Airlines bookings.

How to book a flight with United Airlines?

All major third-party booking sites offer United tickets, and OTAs like Expedia and Orbitz even do a good job of pointing up United’s Basic Economy limits. However, booking via lesser-known online travel companies may often result in significant savings on United flights. Else form OTA’s you can directly contact the United airlines booking phone number to book a flight. 

Tips for booking with OTA-

  • On obscure third-party websites like Cheapfaremart, Faredepot, and JustFly, among others, you’ll frequently find United and other Star Alliance member flights available for cheaper costs. 
  • These can be hundreds of dollars less than what you’ll see on or other sites, so search around and compare numerous sites before making a reservation. Remember to sign up for fare notifications to be notified when prices drop.
  • Some of the more obscure third-party sites may not do a good job of signaling when a fare is Basic Economy, and these sites may charge greater than usual change costs. 
  • Because Basic Economy doesn’t allow alterations, this shouldn’t be a big deal while looking for the cheapest flight. Before booking with OTA must make the confirmation by calling the united airlines’ customer service telephone number.

Note- Keep in mind that many of the smaller sites’ inventory is trailing, and pricing may not be updated as frequently as the larger sites’. It may take longer to obtain confirmation of your trip, so if the price difference is little and you want to ensure you get an extremely low-cost ticket, it’s preferable to book directly with United or through a well-known online travel agency. For bookings, contact United airlines booking phone number.

Tips to book through United Website

  • When booking on United’s website, use the convenient calendar shop to get a monthly calendar with the best deals for passengers with variable dates. 
  • This airline’s flexible date search feature allows you to specify a journey length of up to 180 days, making it one of the greatest flexible date search tools available.
  • On, making a reservation is simple. After you’ve selected your dates, you’ll be able to select between Basic Economy, Economy, Economy (flexible), and Premium cabins.
  •  If you select Basic Economy, a pop-up will display, prompting you to agree to the limits by checking a box.
  • If you’re purchasing Basic Economy and don’t want to pay more for a seat, simply click the “proceed to payment” option on the seat map page, and seats will be assigned at random during check-in for free. For more information, contact united airlines booking phone number
  • You’ll be given insurance once you’ve reached the payment screen, but it’s typically not worth it. I’d decline and submit your payment information instead.
  • United’s website includes the option to “pay in person,” which is a unique feature. Obviously, this isn’t the recommended mode of payment, but if you want to keep your fare for free for 24 hours, select “other forms of payment” and then “pay in person” from the drop-down menu. 
  • This will provide you with a confirmation number and retain your reservation until the next day at midnight. If your ticket comes inside the 24-hour risk-free cancellation policy, you may still purchase it online and cancel it for free within 24 hours of purchasing it. To know more, give a call at the united airline’ customer service telephone number.

To know the details about the refund, you can directly contact the United airlines customer service telephone number.


Hopefully, this step-by-step guide has helped you to understand various tips to make United airlines bookings. In case you need any assistance, you can directly contact the United airlines booking phone number. Also, you can contact us at the leading OTA for major airlines. From managing bookings with United Airlines to cancelation and refunds, you will get the best tips from us. We are the one-stop consolidators for all the major airlines. So what are you waiting for? Get in touch!

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