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Cancun is home to alluring beaches, hence the weather for Cancun Mexico is most often warm and sunny. Being pleasant from November to June and chilled from November to February, the weather keeps on changing in Cancun. In this article, we’re going to share some of the key facts about the Cancun’s weather.

💡 Quick Facts on Weather for Cancun Mexico

28o C Hottest Months29o C Warmest Months23o C Coldest Months
June | July | AugustAugustJanuary

The wettest month is October and the warmest temperatures are expected in August. 

Now, let’s consider other key facts on the Cancun’s weather !

📊 Seasonal Guide on Cancun’s Weather

Rainy Season and Hurricanes ⛈️

Hurricane season coincides with Cancun’s rainy season, which runs from July through October. When it rains in Cancun, there are still plenty of things to do, but the beach is not quite as enjoyable as it is on sunny days. Hurricane Gilbert on September 15, 1988, and Hurricane Wilma on October 21, 2005, both had a major impact on Cancun.

Although it’s unlikely that a storm would interrupt your trip—these occurred 17 years apart—still, it’s important to bear in mind if you’ll be traveling during this time of year and buy travel insurance so you’ll be compensated if you have to change your plans.

Keep an eye on weather forecasts before your trip so you can change your plans if you discover that a tropical storm is going that way.

Average Monthly Temperature & Rainfall
MonthAvg. Temp.Rainfall
January23 C4.1 inches
February23 C2.0 inches
March25 C1.7 inches
April26 C1.6 inches
May27 C3.4 inches
June27 C5.4 inches
July27 C3.1 inches
August27 C3.4 inches
September27 C7.2 inches
October27 C10.7 inches
November25 C5.1 inches
December25 C3.4 inches

Weather for Cancun Mexico- Spring🌼 

Average weather for Cancun Mexico in March:

25o C
Average weather for Cancun Mexico in April:

26o C
Average weather for Cancun Mexico in May:

27o C

The greatest season to visit Cancun in terms of weather is April. Throughout the spring, the weather is often warm and sunny with little likelihood of rain. However, this is peak travel season, with lots of Mexican families visiting around Easter (Mexican schoolchildren have a two-week holiday at this time) and lots of spring break visitors, mostly university students from the US and Canada who come for the party scene. However, there are methods for avoiding the spring break crowds and enjoying a more relaxing holiday.

Things & clothes to Pack for Cancun: Pack summer attire including shorts, tank tops, and t-shirts, as well as beachwear and a few more dressy clothing for the evenings. When you enter air-conditioned spaces from the heat outside, bring a lightweight sweater, jacket, or shawl. Of course, you should pack sunscreen in your luggage (although you can get some there if you forget).

Weather for Cancun Mexico- Summer 🌅

Average weather for Cancun Mexico in June:

28o C
Average weather for Cancun Mexico in July:

28o C
Average weather for Cancun Mexico in August:

28o C

Cancun may get a few showers in the spring, but the summer months are more likely to be hot and rainy. The likelihood of tropical storms and hurricanes is also higher in the summer. A trip to Cancun in June, July, or August shouldn’t be discounted, though. You frequently get sunny mornings and rainy afternoons since the weather can vary significantly throughout the day. Since it’s the wettest and hottest time of the year, there aren’t as many tourists, which means you might be able to get some excellent prices and won’t have to deal with as many people. Additionally, if you want to swim with whale sharks, which are found in the Caribbean off the coast of Mexico, now is an excellent time to travel there.

Things & clothes to Pack for Cancun: Bring beachwear, warm-weather attire, and rain gear like an umbrella or rain jacket. Since you’ll probably still receive some sun exposure and there might be more mosquitoes at this time of year, it’s also a good idea to pack some sunscreen and insect repellent.

Weather for Cancun Mexico- Fall 🍁

Average weather for Cancun Mexico in September:

28o C
Average weather for Cancun Mexico in October:

27o C
Average weather for Cancun Mexico in November:

25o C

While cooler than in the summer but still warm enough to enjoy water sports and beach activities, Cancun’s weather in the fall is very pleasant. September and October could also be fairly rainy, and these are the months with a statistically higher possibility of tropical storms and hurricanes.

What to bring: Bring something to shield you from the rain and a light sweater because it can get chilly at the night.

Weather for Cancun Mexico- Winter 🎄 

Average weather for Cancun Mexico in December:

25o C
Average weather for Cancun Mexico in January:

24o C
Average weather for Cancun Mexico in February:

23o C

Although tourists visit Cancun all year round, the winter months are the busiest because many people from colder climates want to escape to the sunny skies and warm beaches. Despite the generally pleasant weather at this time of year, there are sporadic chilly fronts that can make it challenging to enjoy the beach in skimpy swimwear. Additionally, it’s possible to have pleasant, sunny days with evening temperatures that drop significantly.

Closing Thoughts

So, that was all about the weather details in Cancun. The best time to visit Cancun is from March to May when the temperatures are ideal for soaking the body in the sun. Besides, in this weather one can participate in various motorized and non-motorized activities to enjoy Cancun at its best. You can also arrive in December. Though it will be pretty cold but the luminosity of Cancun during the Christmas decorations will captivate you. When planning to go, make sure to check the Cancun’s weather next week or the following week of the departure. 

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