What number do I call to change my Delta flight?

delta airlines change flight phone number

It’s difficult to create definite plans in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak since things are continuously changing, and consumers and airlines alike are adjusting timetables and travel routes. We’ll show you how to update Delta airline reservations and explain everything else you need to know in this step-by-step tutorial. Delta, like many other airlines, has made it easier for passengers to modify their trip dates or times. Here’s everything you need to know about altering a ticket, whether you paid cash or used miles, and how to avoid Delta’s flight change costs. It all comes down to the origin of the flight and the fare class of the booked ticket. Though to change flight Delta customer service is available to assist you but before reaching out to them you must know some things in advance. So let’s begin.

What is the Delta Airlines flight change phone number?

If your ticket is changeable, you can do it online, via the mobile app, or by calling Delta’s bookings department. To talk with a professional regarding a new or current reservation, call reservation sales 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 800-221-1212 for more information. In case you have any issues, you can call the given Delta airlines flight change phone number. Also, the delta flight change customer service is available to assist you 24/7. 

Now as if you are aware of the delta airlines flight change phone number let’s move on to see how you can change delta flight online:

How to change Delta flight online?

  • To access your reservation, find the confirmation number in your reservation email and input it at Delta.com. Alternatively, you may go to your Delta SkyMiles account’s “My Trips” area and choose the trip you want to alter.
  • You can modify your flight by clicking the red “Modify Flight” icon in the upper right corner.
  • After that, you’ll be offered the option of changing or canceling your flight. Choose “Start Flight Change” from the drop-down menu.
  • This change screen option displays all of the flights included in the specific reservation; you must tick the box next to the flight or flights you desire to modify.
  • To get to the next page, click “Find New Flights.”
  • All of your new flight options will show at this point, and you’ll choose the one you’d like to move to, with the amount you paid for the previous ticket transferred to the new ticket price. Depending on the kind of ticket you initially bought, you will either have to pay the remainder as normal or receive a refund or an eCredit for the fee difference.

If you use an eCredit, the credit’s value will be credited to the new ticket, and any leftover amount must be paid. If the new flight is less expensive, a new eCredit for the difference will be credited to your account for future Delta travel. Therefore this is how you can change delta flights online. In case you have any queries, you can get in touch with the change flight Delta customer service or you can call the given delta airlines flight change phone number

Delta Flight Change Policy

When purchasing tickets in the main cabin or higher for flights departing from North America, there are no change costs. The following seat kinds are included:

  • Main cabin.
  • Delta Comfort+.
  • First-class.
  • Delta premium select.
  • Delta One.

Change costs will be waived if your flight begins outside of North America, with the exception of basic economy tickets, which are non-changeable (unless subject to a waiver).

To keep the value of a ticket, you must amend or cancel it before departure. Travelers with eligible tickets can make adjustments to their departure time, date, and place before departure, but not thereafter.

Tickets purchased within 24 hours of departure are subject to the Same-Day Ticket Changes policy.

After the risk-free 24-hour cancellation period (unless a specific waiver applies), basic economy tickets cannot be altered. If you have any queries regarding the flight change policy you can get in touch with the change flight delta customer service anytime. 


Delta’s flexibility on trip adjustments may save you time and money, not to mention worry, because you can always acquire an eCredit for all flights starting in North America, except basic economy. While altering your trip is never nice, learning how to deal with unexpected circumstances can make rebooking with Delta less stressful. For policy regarding eCredits, you can call the Delta airlines flight change phone number

Here is a tabular representation to help you understand the Delta flight change policy:

Delta Flight Change Fees

Delta Air Lines currently waives costs for the main cabin or above flights departing from North America if you need to alter or cancel your itinerary. Prior to departure, you can modify the date, time, or location of your trip without incurring any penalties. You must, however, pay the difference if the new flight is more expensive than the original trip.

Type of TicketDelta Airlines Flight Change fees
Tickets that are canceled within the 24-hour risk-free periodThere are no change fees. You cannot change a Basic Economy ticket. It is better to cancel and rebook instead.
Refundable TicketNo change fees
Basic Economy TicketNo changes allowed 
Non Refundable TicketNone for flights within the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. For travel outside these areas, fees are $0 to $500, depending on origin and fare type.
Award TicketNone

For queries, you can call Delta airlines flight change phone number.


Changing a delta flight is not complex. All you need to do is just check the flight change policies. In case you have any issues, you can get in touch with change flight Delta customer service or you can directly call the Delta airlines flight change phone number. If the phone number is not reachable, you can contact the OTA you have booked your flight with.

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