What to Pack for Cancun: Things to bring for adults & toddlers 2023

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Whoohoo! Covid19 is all-over and Mexico is open for tourists without travel restrictions. It’s packing time! Want to know what to pack for Cancun? Worry, not! This guide will discuss plenty of necessary items, products, and equipment you need to bring to this Mexican city.

Let’s explore some of the main things to start with your backpack list.

What to expect from Cancun

Mexico is a semi-tropical country known for its beaches, forests, and underwater activities. The weather for Cancun is usually moderate, so expect to see people in shirts, shorts, swimsuits, sandals, sunglasses, and other lightweight clothing

Most of the time, you will be wearing the same only. However, while having dinner in certain resorts, you’ll be obliged to wear formal clothing. Apart from dining, you may also be wearing formals while celebrating an evening gala party or even fancier ones to enjoy theme dance events, etc.

So, next time you go to a beach, you know what to pack for Cancun. Those fancier clothing sets, shoes, sandals, and even a cocktail party dress will save your day.

Besides that, the other thing that you need to pack for Cancun is your clothing for the beach. That includes cover-ups, bathing sets (shorts and tees for guys), sunscreen, towels, and flip-flops.

After swimming, if you’re going to explore nearby areas, it’s recommended to wear comfortable shoes and carry an anti-theft suitcase.

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Consider the weather before understanding what to pack for Cancun

Generally, the Cancun weather does not change too much across the year. There are times when the days are cooler than the previous days, when days are full of humidity and rain showers, and when hurricanes are more expected.

Don’t worry, the hurricane hit 30 years ago! You won’t face one. 

Most of the time, Cancun is warm, sunny, and humid with little rainfall. However, it does experience seasons just like other countries. So, whether you are traveling to Cancun in March, September, or January, you must know the climate during your departure and arrival times.

Here is the complete detail on the same:

Wet Season: Wet season begins in May and runs throughout October. This is the hottest season in Cancun where the average temperature in the daytime is 32 degrees Celsius. By the end of the season, the temperature rises along with the humidity. And, hurricanes are also expected in September and October.

Dry Season: Dry season is pretty cooler and more pleasant than the other seasons. It runs from December to April and is usually famous for Spring Break in Cancun. The city is filled with enthusiastic youngsters, college grads, and travelers arriving for partying and relaxing on beautiful beaches. The average temperature is generally 28 degrees Celsius.

So, a few words of takeaway. Bring an extra pair of clothing to warm yourself during those cooler nights and waterproof shoes, a raincoat, and an umbrella to cover up during rain showers.

Pick your activities before packing

Another key point in knowing what to pack for Cancun is to determine your activities prior to landing. This will help you in packing the necessary and relevant clothing sets. For example, if you plan to snorkel or paddleboard, you must have swimwear. 

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For climbing, you need to have proper clothing set with shoes. Furthermore, hiking requires you to wear hiking shoes.

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What to pack for Cancun- Complete List of items

From gears to clothing, we have included all the necessary items that you need to pack while planning your trip to Cancun. Whether you are an adult or packing for a toddler, our comprehensive packing list will guide you all thoroughly. 

So, let’s start with Packing Gear.

Packing Gear

It’s crucial to start with the bare essentials of packing before you pack anything else. It’s crucial to use the proper bags to store your possessions. The last thing you want to do is throw everything you need for your trip into an unorganized bag.

Why? Because once you’re actually on your trip, you’ll find that you have to spend a lot more time packing and unpacking. As a matter of fact, if you actually use a plan for how you pack, your life will be so much simpler.

Here, you have two possibilities. Which would you like to bring: a travel backpack or a case with wheels? Wheeled carry-ons are fantastic since you can just wheel them around and move while they feel almost weightless on your body.

Packing Clothes

The very first clothing piece should be your tops (no shirts). You can pack a mix of sleeveless and sleeve colorful tops to avoid bugs, especially mosquitoes. And don’t forget, insect repellent lotion or spray.

Along with shorts, bring 2 pairs of pants – just in case, the nights get more chilled. However, for summers opt for lightweight cotton or linen pants. Jeans? No way. Unless you want to sweat yourself.

Men must consider bringing a couple of T-shirts, shorts, and a few pairs of pajamas.

Next, come shorts. Depending on your length of stay, you can pack a few of them as they’ll be helpful in the daytime. You can pack a few skirts as well. If you are wearing more dresses, then you can substitute shorts or skirts accordingly.

What else to pack for Cancun? Leggings are another important clothing piece. Since you’ll be hiking or relaxing in your resort and need the one that doesn’t sweat.

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Dresses are another clothing choice for women. Pack 2 or 3 pairs of trendy dresses that can actually save a lot of space in your backpack. Plus, add a cardigan, sandals, and sunglasses to be on your own merry. 

What else to pack for Cancun? A pair of underwear and bra along with socks will be very nice. Also, for those super chilling nights, pack a lightweight jacket. Finally, don’t miss to pack a hat, scarf, swimsuit, sleepwear, or pajamas.

Packing Accessories

Here, are some of the things or accessories that you need to pack while planning your Cancun trip:

  • A hat or a baseball cap, sunglasses, and a waterproof watch (optional).

Packing Toiletries

Yet another key category in our “What to pack for Cancun” guide is toiletries. That includes sunscreen (opt for a coral-reef brand), bug repellent, squeeze bottles, biodegradable bags, dry bags, sanitizers, body wipes, dental supplies, deodorant, and makeup (optional).

Also, make sure to carry a first aid kit along with prescribed medicines.

Packing Electronics

Finally, our packing is incomplete without electronics as you’ll be capturing epic pics with your waterproof DSLR with a stick, waterproof phone case, external batteries, adapters, chargers, and other portable gears. 

Closing Thoughts on What to Pack to Cancun

Finally, while exploring Cancun all inclusive vacation packages, you need to pack the following items in your backpack: 

Download the list in PDF file, print it out, and tick against the items packed in your bag

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