Why Do United Airlines require a Covid test for domestic flights?

Covid test for domestic flights

So are you planning a long vacation? A trip abroad? Well, planning a vacation has become a necessity after these COVID days. Not only abroad, but planning a trip to nearby places has also become important. But one thing is for sure that safety comes first. So you are planning to travel, you must follow the COVID guidelines issued by the government. Traveling, on the other hand, is unrestricted. However, it is your obligation to keep yourself safe. So for that, you must follow the required COVID guidelines. You might probably be planning to book a flight with United airlines. There are some specific COVID guidelines for airline passengers. So it is suggested that before booking a flight, you must check those guidelines. Else, you can directly contact the United reservations phone number to avail the details. The most common question that arises in every passenger’s mind is do United airlines require a Covid test for domestic flights? Well, the answer is Yes. not only United airlines, but you need to get a COVID test done while traveling with any of the airlines. But why is it important? In this blog, you will get the answers to these questions. So set aside some time to go over this site. Let’s start:

Before moving ahead to know why United Airlines require a Covid test for domestic flights, let’s have a look at the criteria of COVID testing in the airline process. 

COVID testing in the airline process

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) has issued COVID-19 testing recommendations for use during the travel procedure. If governments decide to require COVID-19 testing for passengers arriving from high-risk nations, the test must provide findings quickly, be scalable, and function at extremely high rates of accuracy. Furthermore, testing must be cost-effective and not pose a financial or logistical obstacle to travel.

Takeoff guideline was released by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), which is the worldwide direction for nations to follow when linking their people and economy via flight. Takeoff lays out a series of safeguards to reduce the danger of COVID-19 transmission during air travel as well as the risk of COVID-19 importation via air travel. Testing for COVID-19 should not be a prerequisite for reopening borders or restoring aviation service. All of these apply to both domestic and international flights. This is why it is said that United airlines require a Covid test for domestic flights.   

Rapid point-of-care technology Polymerized Chain Reaction (PCR) testing might provide an additional layer of security for visitors from high-risk nations, perhaps eliminating the need for more costly and intrusive procedures like quarantine, which is a major obstacle to travel and demand recovery.

COVID-19 testing would have to be done as part of the travel procedure by certified public health professionals and fulfill the following criteria:

  • Speed: Testing results should be given as soon as possible, with findings being accessible in under an hour as a minimum.
  • Scale: Testing at an airport necessitates a testing capability of several hundreds of tests each hour. Taking samples using saliva rather than nose or throat swabs would make this easier, and it would also save time and increase passenger acceptability.
  • Accuracy: Extreme precision is required. The percentage of erroneous negative and positive findings must be less than 1%.

What part of the travel procedure does testing play?

COVID-19 testing would ideally be necessary before arrival at the airport and within 24 hours of departure. Passengers who arrive “ready-to-fly” decrease the risk of infection in the airport and allow for prompt re-accommodation for anyone who tests positive. Also, the procedure is the same for domestic flights. So you require a Covid test in domestic flights in United airlines

If testing is necessary as part of the trip procedure, it is suggested that it be done before leaving. Governments would have to mutually acknowledge test findings, and data would be transmitted directly between passengers and governments, similar to how e-visa approvals are currently done.

Any testing needs should only last as long as they are required. Regular reviews should be carried out to guarantee this. Moreover, to know specifically about United airlines, you can give a call at the United reservations phone number

Now, let’s move on to say why United Airlines require a Covid test for domestic flights.

Guidelines for Domestic Travel


In the framework of COVID-19, the Union government has not suggested any limitations on interstate travel. States were also given the freedom to establish their own quarantine and isolation policies based on their own assessments. However, it has been noted that some states have made negative RT-PCR testing reports a condition for entrance into their states.

Following a high in reported cases in mid-May as part of the second wave, we are now observing a downward trend in cases across the nation. The standards for domestic travel (flight/train/ship/bus inter-state travel) are being changed in order to establish a unified policy for domestic travel across the country, while still respecting needed safeguards.


These principles apply to all states/UTs in order to make interstate travel easier. In order to carry out relevant public health actions, the recommendations may need to be updated in light of the developing COVID-19 scenario, including verification of mutant variants in India or elsewhere. So this is why United airlines require a Covid test for domestic airlines.

Advisory to all passengers

Whenever there is a necessity to travel, people must follow the following health protocols:

  • Passengers should keep a close eye on their health and only travel if they have no symptoms associated with COVID-19.
  • All passengers must adhere to COVID guidelines at all times, which include wearing a mask or face cover, maintaining good hand hygiene, and keeping a physical distance of six feet (do gaj ki doori) as much as possible. Masks/face coverings must be correctly worn to cover the mouth and nose. Avoid touching the front area of the mask/face coverings.
  • During travel, avoid spitting in public areas.
  • All passengers are encouraged to download the Arogya Setu app to their smartphones.
  • If they develop a fever while traveling, they must notify the cabin crew/TTE/bus conductor, as appropriate.
  • They must notify the District Surveillance Officer or the State/National Call Center if they develop symptoms after arriving at their ultimate destination (1075).

Also, if you are flying with United Airlines, you must contact the United reservations phone number to know about the Covid guidelines. 

Advisory to the airports

  • At airports, train stations, ports, and bus terminals, relevant announcements about COVID-19 and Covid acceptable behavior must be made. Precautionary steps may be included in such notifications.
  • At the moment of departure, all passengers must undergo thermal screening, and only asymptomatic individuals will be permitted to board the flight/train/ship/bus.
  • Face covers/masks must be worn by all passengers while boarding. Physical distancing, hand hygiene, and respiratory hygiene shall also be observed (such as covering the mouth with an elbow while coughing).
  • At the Terminal, appropriate measures must be made to ensure the availability of masks and hand sanitizers.
  • At airports, train stations, ports, and bus terminals, necessary steps to guarantee physical separation must be adopted.
  • Passengers must be able to dispose of old masks, face shields, gloves, and other items in covered bins at airports, train stations, ports, and bus terminals. They must be disposed of in conformity with the Central Pollution Control Board’s rules. 
  • Sanitization/disinfection of airports/railway stations/ports/bus terminals should be done on a regular basis, and soaps and sanitizers should be readily available.
  • It is necessary to install thermal screening at exit locations.
  • Passengers who are asymptomatic will be allowed to travel under the condition that they self-monitor their health for 14 days. For more details, give a call at United reservations phone number.
  • If passengers are found to have symptoms, there will be an isolation room/holding area at the terminals (with working oxygen and qualified people) where they will be held and monitored until they are transported to a proper health institution. For this reason, airport/railway station/port/bus station authorities must offer the necessary PPEs, such as pulse oximeters and thermometers, as well as qualified people to care for these patients. Also, the motive of the airline is to ensure your safety. That is why united airlines require a Covid test in domestic and international flights

Now, let’s see what is United Airline’s commitment for your safety:

United Airline’s Commitment

Through its United CleanPlusSM program, United is dedicated to placing health and safety at the forefront of every customer’s trip, with the objective of offering an industry-leading standard of cleanliness. United has partnered with Clorox and the Cleveland Clinic to reimagine cleanliness and health-safety processes from check-in to landing, implementing over a dozen new rules, methods, and technologies aimed at ensuring the safety of customers and workers. Customers may visit United’s Travel Ready Center to manage entrance requirements in various destinations and locate testing locations. Well, the airline is doing its best to ensure your safety. So this is why United airlines require a Covid test in domestic flights. This ensures your as well as the other passenger’s safety.  


Therefore these are the travel guidelines for the passengers and the airlines for COVID. The major reason for a Covid test is to ensure everyone’s safety. This is why United airlines require a Covid test in domestic flights. Also, if you have any queries regarding these guidelines, you can contact the United reservations phone number or get in touch with us at Cruxair.com. We are your travel partners available 24/7 to help you. Get in touch!

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